Top 5 Benefits of Guest Posts
June 20, 2020

Guest blogging is one of the most powerful online marketing strategies for your brand. When done correctly, guest posts can effectively boost your brand’s recognition and rankings. Moreover, you’ll be able to build trust and robust relationships with your audience.

Guest posts can help you develop new connections with professional and authoritative sites, which may result in new business opportunities. Your brand will also benefit a lot from authoritative links.

Frankly, SEO is a vast playground, and finding the best guest posting service is one way of acing the game. So, what are the benefits of guest posts?

In this article, you’ll learn more about guest blogging and its benefits for your brand’s SEO.

What is a Guest Post?

As you may know, a guest post is a piece of written content created for another website. It’s usually written for sites in the same niche that the blogger serves. Guest posts are an effective way of building your brand’s credibility as an industry expert.

Because the aim is to drive readers from the guest post to your website, you need to hire an engaging content writer. That is someone who understands that different guest blogging websites have varying editorial guidelines for their guest posts. With such capabilities, your guest post will always be accepted because of discipline and great content.

Some websites even allow you to post your contact info, which further increases the chances of getting more direct traffic to your site.

The Importance of Guest Posts for SEO

A high-quality guest post uses different techniques to ensure that your website improves its position on search engines. Things such as backlinks and long-tail keywords, when properly used, will help your brand improve its rankings.

Most novice SEOs tend to disregard guest posts to improve their brand’s search engine rankings. Though it may seem too benefiting to the site you write for, guest posts ultimately reap benefits for your own company.

The success of guest blogging can only be viable if you produce helpful, relevant, and factual information for the readers. Hence, this is why authoritative sites only accept high quality written guest posts.

When many websites link back to your guest posts, then a search engine such as Google may pick it up as relevant and appealing. Moreover, a good quality guest post will most likely receive tons of likes, shares, and comments. As a result, this helps to boost your website’s search engine rankings.

Now that you understand what guest posts are and their importance for SEO, let’s look at their benefits.

1. You Generate High-Quality Backlinks

Backlinks are among the most significant factors considered by search engines to determine website ranking. Not just backlinks, but high-quality backlinks. These include links from authoritative sites and sites that match your website’s niche.

Most, if not all, blogs accepting guest posts allow you to include links pointing back to your website. Even one keyword-optimized link or a brief mention of your brand in an authoritative site can significantly benefit your SEO.

Such links make your brand more discoverable and indexable to multiple search engines. As a result, you’ll be more exposed to organic traffic. But for this to effectively work, you should target the website in your brand’s niche for relevancy.

2. Increases Organic Traffic

Organic traffic has to be one of the most important reasons people invest their time and effort in guest posts. When you write a great guest blog, you spike the chances of receiving organic traffic to your website.

This happens when many relevant sites link back to your website, as explained in benefit number one. Now because search engines trust your brand, you’ll rank top and get exposure to high-quality organic audiences.

3. Boosts Your Brand’s Authority

Everyone wants authority in this space, and if guest blogging can provide you with some, there is every reason to consider it. When you publish a piece of content on an authoritative website, it boosts your brand’s trust. However, this is only viable if the content is relevant, valuable, and high-quality.

Building authority for your website isn’t easy because you are virtually asking for trust. Hence, your audience will only be more confident with you if you are allowed to exchange ideas with authoritative sites in your niche.

Therefore, writing multiple guest posts for authoritative sites is an excellent way to share your expertise in the field. It establishes trust between the brand and its customers, which results in building authority.

4. Builds Your Portfolio and Credibility

Google, which is currently the most trusted search engine, has, for a long time, now emphasized on expert writing. Guest posts are a great way to improve your authority. Therefore, most bloggers who’ve published guest blogs in multiple authoritative sites are most likely seen as more credible in their field.

Top sites require high-quality content writers, just like Google demands. However, you can still start guest blogging for small websites in your niche since it can be challenging to get approved by many top sites. It’s a reasonable way of building your portfolio and one which will see your online credibility grow once you start publishing on more authoritative websites.

5. Guest Posts Improve Your Online Influence

By writing engaging, high-quality, and informative guest blogs, you can quickly become an online authority. It’s one of the best ways to command a following because nowadays people are more into influencers than advertisers. People are looking for solutions to problems, and by guest posting, you’ll connect and interact with many readers from other websites.


Overall, guest posts have plenty of benefits and if you run a blog or business website, the only way to reach different audiences online is to connect with other blogs and share insights with their readers.

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